Massage room in West Asheville

In a speeded up and noisy world, slowing down and re-orienting to embodied pleasure are especially important gifts to give ourselves. Conway takes time during intake to understand the kind of massage and bodywork you respond to; and you can expect to be listened to and touched with attuned awareness.

With attention to pacing and dynamics, most sessions are integrated applications of Focused Deep Tissue and Relaxation Techniques.  Also included at no extra charge are Energetic Balancing, Hot Stones, Aromatherapy, Hydrotherapy and Breath Work. Although significant attention will be paid to the areas of your body that may be causing discomfort, our sessions will be less about problem-solving and “fixing”, than about re-connecting dysfunctional parts to the whole. We are always more than our pain.


Therapeutic Bodywork

$85 for 75 minutes. Conway is a NO TIP practitioner

Varied, focused deep tissue, myofascial and relaxation techniques.

Suitable for ongoing wellness support, or focused interventions.

Introductory Special:  first time sessions for $70

Somatic Resourcing

$80 for 60 minutes

(Done Clothed). Appropriate for anyone, but particularly trauma survivors – whether recent and acute, or developmentally layered. This treatment helps develop helpful, individualized somatic resources. Working directly with awareness, we will support your nervous system – whether over-revved or numbed out – and transform the self-limiting meanings held in the body. Hakomi TherapyInternal Family Systems & EMDR complement a holistic perspective. This work is about increasing your capacity to experience your aliveness, in safe, boundaried and sensitive increments. This can be a stand alone therapy, or serve as an adjunct process with your regular therapist.